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Of course that got a huge applause from the crowd.  Almost Oprah-esque, but other than that the crowd wasn’t that into it.  Apple’s events are better, but either way it irks me when the speaker stops and waits for an applause which leads into a mercy clap…

The crowd is barely into it, lots of smattering of applause.

Enjoy, doesn’t seem to be anything spectacular, except for increased “potential” data speed.  Can you say hedging your bet…



Basically, The Register and some guy from Opera are blasting MS because they stated during MIX 11 that IE 9 and IE 10 have native support for HTML 5, claiming that it “contradicts” HTML 5’s opened standard?

So what, HTML 5 is browser and OS/platform agnostic, but the browser is not, unless that browser is in Java and in that case it will probably be slower.  IE 9/10 is optimized to run on windows (well that is the only place it runs) just like Chrome’s Windows version is optimized to run on Windows especially when you look at the graphics acceleration it uses.

So the article is just link bait and a continue hatred of MS.

As a developer a suggested book to read is “Clean Code” by Martin Fowler.  One thing it suggests is that you method names are obvious and readable.  So after I did a quick read of this article I wanted a new name for Arrays.asList.  asList returns a fixed sized List, so why don’t they call it Arrays.asFixedList, that way you don’t really need to read the documentation to know that you can add/remove to the list you just created.

Read some stuff about it here.  I had just started to like IE 9.  12 week cycle on code refreshes is not short enough MS, Chrome is updated like 2 to 3 times a month.  Is that because of bug fixes only though?  I wonder.